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The possibilities are endless.

The Lunar Projector.

Turn any room into an immersive galaxy
How about turning your favourite room into a star filled galaxy at the flick of a switch? This amazing projector will literally transform your bedroom, living room, or den into an inter galactic space. Amaze your family and friends as you turn a boring room into an out of this world experience. The moving clouds and stars will keep you mesmerised for hours

The Lunar Lamp.

Transform your home with new colours
Fascinated by the intricacies and mysteries of outer-space? Here’s the good news - you don’t have to travel to the local planetarium or get a rocket science degree to venture to infinity and beyond. Meet The Lunar Lamp, designed using high-quality NASA satellite images. A rugged surface is reminiscent of a star in the night sky, boasting incredible detail.

The Lunar Torch.

Take it anywhere
Simply plug this Lunar Torch into any USB power socketand transform your wall, ceiling, orroom into a star filled galaxy. Using the angle poiseyou can move the Torch around to createyour own special visual effect. (Please avoid shiningin eyes, using outdoors, and or nearairports)

The Lunar Sticker Pack.

Magic stars make dreams
This incredible luminous sticker pack comes complete with moon and stars allowing you to transform any room into a magical space. The soft glow of the stickers will not only create a little magic it will also provide a great comforting night light for any child’s bedroom