About Lunar Lanterns.

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How we got started
Lunar Lanterns is a member of the Huddled family, a group of e-commerce sites focused on designing, and delivering the very best products they can. Lunar Lanterns was born when one of our directors was looking for a comforting night light for their daughter. No matter how hard they tried they simply couldn’t find anything suitable. We then, as you’d imagine, got in a Huddle, and decided to create our own range of magical products. Six months later and you have…. Lunar Lanterns

We’ve put our heart and soul into this range of products, well with a ten year old daughter to satisfy we had to get it right. As most parents will know, kids do NOT take prisoners. We’re proud to say that 10 year-old Poppy loves the Lunar range. We hope you do too. We think they’re out of this World, but at down to Earth prices

Our mission.

Well it's simple, to make dreams become reality
A number of our friends of bought these products and we’re happy to say they all love them, and what’s more important their kids love them too